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  • support json-schema
  • efficient/compressed storage
  • variable attributes/flexible schema
  • attribute indices
  • pushdown predicates
  • query syntax and predicates - possibly build off mongodb, jq, solr, postgres jsonb
  • geoserver/simplefeature integration
  • ingest api/services
  • try to avoid parsing json during filtering
  • bson?
  • avro json?
    • read schemas for on-the-fly views
    • could have 3 avro schemas in our pipeline, 1. full json, 2. query schema 3. relational projection schema
    • convert json-path or other query syntax into avro path for evaluation
    • skip-fields during read for optimization
    • would be good for nifi and other tools that support avro/json conversion
  • optimizations - define materialized views up front and/or with m/r jobs instead of compute on the fly (consider using column groups)
  • optimizations - allow for definition of fields up front and replace serialized strings with field ids
  • projects to evaluate for ideas - bson, msgpack, grpc, protocol-bufs, avro, postgres jsonb, solr geo


  • Leverage the native-api?
    • alternative - support json attributes in SimpleFeatures?
  • use converters for transforming incoming geojson
  • API suggestions -
    • rest endpoint that takes geojson and puts it in the db
    • native api that takes a string of geojson
    • native api that takes a geojson like java object
  • endpoint to convert back to geojson? (possibly geoserver json output would be good enough)Support native json attributes in SimpleFeatures in AccumuloDataStore
    • serialized as reduced bson
    • support json-path expressions into the serialized json
    • evaluate expressions without reparsing json
  • Materialized views are supported through projections using json-path selectors
  • Scala API wraps geotools datastore and hides implemenation details
    • Accepts geojson features to add
    • Query API is based off mongodb syntax
  • Rest API wraps Scala API as a webservice


  • TBD