GeoMesa 1.2.6 Release Notes

GeoMesa 1.2.6 includes 5 improvements and bug fixes

Fixes and Additions

Spark Classpath

  • GEOMESA-1396 - Fix to shade clearspring analytics to fix IllegalAccessException

Geometry Handling

  • GEOMESA-1389 - Kafka Live Queries don't work for small polygons
  • GEOMESA-1388 - Copying geometry in GeoHashUtils.getInternationalDateLineSafeGeometry

GeoMesa Stats Bundle

  • GEOMESA-1395 - Creates a new .tar.gz bundle suitable for use with GeoServer


  • GeoMesa 1.2.6 supports upgrade in place from versions 1.1.0.rc.7 through 1.2.5
  • As with previous versions, all jars in the system must match...Ensure that the geoserver jar, distributed runtime, and tools are all the same client version (1.2.6)
  • Shutdown the geoserver and upgrade the distributed runtime in accumulo as well as the geomesa jars in the webserver