GeoMesa 1.1.0-rc.4

DateOct 01, 2015
Issues15 issues


All updates for this release



  • GEOMESA-884 DONE Map/reduce methods aren't working in accumulo 1.5/1.6
  • GEOMESA-882 DONE RemoveSchema not deleting z3tables
  • GEOMESA-879 DONE command line m/r ingest is missing some jars
  • GEOMESA-874 DONE Before predicate is broken for Z3Tables
  • GEOMESA-872 DONE Wait for Kafka topic to be ready for writes
  • GEOMESA-870 DONE CSV Ingest deadlock condition
  • GEOMESA-867 DONE Raster Layer Registration Fix
  • GEOMESA-791 DONE GeoMesa REPL Scalding REPL commands return the same feature multiple times
  • GEOMESA-790 DONE GeoMesa REPL remote map/reduce jobs fail with serialization issues


  • GEOMESA-885 DONE Add 'flush' to AccumuloFeatureWriter
  • GEOMESA-883 DONE Allow CQL filters in schema transition job
  • GEOMESA-881 DONE GeoMesa spark (and m/r) should handle complex query plans
  • GEOMESA-880 DONE Update surefire plugin to latest (2.18.1)