GeoMesa 5.0.0 Release Notes

GeoMesa 5.0.0 is a new major release. This release includes 42 new features and 42 bug fixes. Users should read the Upgrade Guide for additional information. Install bundles for LocationTech GeoMesa can be downloaded from GitHub or individual artifacts are available on Maven central.  GeoMesa-NiFi nars are available on GitHub or Maven central.

Notable Features

  • Many dependency version updates, including the latest GeoServer security fixes
  • Improved type inference makes for easier ingestion of JSON and XML data
  • The Accumulo data store implements atomic writes, for improved data integrity
  • The File System data store now supports receipt-time partitioning, optimized for data sources with high latency
  • For developers, the build now supports using rootless Docker for testing

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Loading the distributed-runtime-jar using Accumulo VFS classloading works again

Versions and Compatibility

GeoMesa follows Semantic Versioning (starting with version 2.0.0). It provides data compatibility with versions back to 1.2.0. GeoMesa 5.0.0 offers public API compatibility with versions 5.x. It offers binary compatibility with versions 5.0.x.

Note that the GeoMesa public API is not currently well defined. Users with deep code integration with GeoMesa may need to update some calls.

Minimum Library Versions

Support for older versions of some libraries has been dropped. The following minimum versions are now required:

  • Java 11 (dropped support for Java 8)
  • Apache HBase 2.5 (dropped support for 1.4)


GeoMesa 5.0.0 supports upgrade in place from previous versions of 2.x, 3.x or 4.x, by updating the GeoMesa JAR versions. Ensure that JARs are updated in all clients and servers. See the upgrade guide for information on changes that may affect you after the update.


Thanks to all the people who have contributed to this release!

  • Adeet Patel
  • Austin Heyne
  • Chad Bowman
  • Dustin Thomas
  • Emilio Lahr-Vivaz
  • ericsun95
  • Forrest Feaser
  • James Srinivasan
  • Thomas Maschler
  • Tomas Pulmano
  • Walter Schultz