GeoMesa 1.3.4 Release Notes

GeoMesa 1.3.4 is the fourth bug-fix release in the GeoMesa 1.3 line and includes 53 fixes and improvements since the 1.3.3 release. This release mainly focused on internal improvements and minor bugs. This is likely to be the last release in the 1.3 line, as GeoMesa moves to 1.4.0.

Improvements / bug fixes

  • Apache Nifi ingestion to HBase
  • HBase query improvements and fix for long date queries
  • Spark in-memory indexing improvements
  • Enhanced support for Accumulo age-off through the command line tools
  • Arrow output fixes and performance improvements
  • Spark relocation no longer affects stat serialization
  • Heatmaps no longer exhibit outer-edge effects

Distribution Downloads

Versions & Compatibility

GeoMesa 1.3 Compatibility- The 1.3 line of GeoMesa will be a stable line of GeoMesa releases that is aimed at providing as much API compatibility as possible. Our goal is to provide minor version interoperability meaning that any 1.3.x client or server code can interoperate.


  • GeoMesa 1.3.4 supports upgrade in place from previous versions
    • Ensure that the GeoServer plugins, distributed runtime, and tools JARs are all of the same client version
    • Shut down GeoServer
    • Upgrade the Geomesa JARs in GeoServer
    • For Accumulo or HBase: upgrade the distributed runtime JARs