GeoMesa 2.3.0 Release Notes

GeoMesa 2.3.0 is the third minor release in the 2.x line. This release includes 75 bug fixes and improvements since the 2.2.0 release (49 since 2.2.2). Users should read the 2.3 upgrade guide.

Dependency Version Updates

  • Airlift Aircompressor compression library upgraded from 0.8 to 0.10.
  • Apache commons-pool2 upgraded from 2.4.2 to 2.6.1.
  • Apache Hive library hive-storage-api upgraded from 2.2.1 to 2.6.0.
  • Apache Orc upgraded from 1.4.4 to 1.5.4.
  • Switch to Geotools gt-epsg-wkt 20.0 (instead of gt-epsg-hsql)
  • Jedis (Redis client) upgraded 2.9.0 to 3.0.1
  • Support for Kafka 2.1.1 added.

Notable New Features and Improvements

  • New GeoMesa Redis DataStore implementation with support for all index types (spatial, spatio-temporal, attribute, and id).
  • GeoMesa Kafka DataStore
    • supports Kafka version 2.1.1
    • can now read from Confluent Avro-serialized topics
    • can be configured to start reading from a Kafka topic on GeoServer/DataStore creation
  • GeoMesa HBase DataStore
    • handles canceled queries and data corruption better
    • now disables bloom filters by default
  • GeoMesa FileSystem DataStore
    • supports pluggable metadata storage, with an option to use JDBC for persistence
    • provides faster filtering through partition-scheme optimizations
  • GeoMesa Cassandra DataStore
    • has various bug fixes
  • GeoMesa Merged Data Store View
    • supports filters to limit data returned from each underlying data store
  • GeoMesa Spark
    • improves PySpark integration by supporting JTS in Spark without a GeoMesa data store
  • GeoMesa Ingest
    • can now read archive formats (i.e. tars and zips)
    • GeoMesa converters can now read from Avro Schema Registries
    • GeoMesa converters now support composite converters for JSON and XML
  • GeoMesa NiFi 
    • GeoMesa processors now support NiFi expressions and variables in configuration
  • GeoMesa Indexing
    • supports multiple spatial/spatio-temporal indices on different attributes
    • supports SPI loading of new index strategies
  • GeoMesa query handling
    • supports custom query interceptors for adding business logic to queries
    • provides an option to disable anti-meridian polygon splitting

Deprecated Features and Modules

  • Features
    • Accumulo table-sharing for new schemas (existing schemas still supported)
    • Accumulo pre-computed BIN values
    • Accumulo map-aggregating analytic scans
    • Z2/Z3 non-point support from geomesa-1.2.2 to geomesa-1.2.4 (use XZ instead)
  • Modules
    • Raster support
    • Native API
    • Blob store
    • Metrics

Versions and Compatibility

The 2.x line of GeoMesa follows Semantic Versioning. It provides data compatibility with versions back to 1.2.0. It offers public API compatibility with versions 2.x. It offers binary compatibility with versions 2.3.x.

Note that the GeoMesa public API is not currently well defined. Users with deep code integration with GeoMesa may need to update some calls.


GeoMesa 2.3.0 supports upgrade in place from previous versions of 2.x, by updating the GeoMesa JAR versions. Ensure that JARs are updated in all clients and servers. See the upgrade guide for information on changes that may affect you after the update.