GeoMesa 2.0.0-m.1 Release Notes

GeoMesa 2.0.0-m.1 is the first milestone release in the GeoMesa 2.x line and includes 145 fixes and improvements since the 1.3.5 release. This milestone is not a full release - some things may change before 2.0.0 (although the intent is for any changes to be minor), and additional functionality may be added. It is provided as a way to get feedback from early adopters before an official release. Data persisted using this milestone is guaranteed to be readable by the full 2.0.0 release.

The 2.x line changes some module names and data store parameters from the 1.3.x line. See the upgrade guide for more details.

Dependency Version Updates

  • Update to GeoTools 18 and GeoServer 2.12
  • Update to Spark 2.2.0
  • Support for Kafka 1.0
  • Support for CDH HBase 1.2
  • Replacement of Joda time with java.time

Notable Improvements / Fixes

  • Support for HBase table compression
  • Support for ORC files in the File System data store
  • Support for ingesting directly from SQL databases
  • Support for namespaces in GeoServer GML output
  • Improved table pre-splitting options
  • Improved heat maps for non-point geometries
  • Improved heat map edge effects
  • Fixed Boolean comparisons in push-down filters

Versions & Compatibility

The 2.0 line of GeoMesa will follow Semantic Versioning. It will continue to offer data compatibility, in that data written with older versions will still be readable. It will also offer API compatibility, in that any 2.x client code will be able to communicate with any 2.x server code, although using new features that are added may require updating both client and server code.


GeoMesa 2.x supports upgrade in place from previous versions, by updating the GeoMesa JAR versions. Ensure that JARs are updated in all clients and servers.