GeoMesa 1.2.2 Release Notes

The next bugfix release (1.2.2) of GeoMesa is now available from LocationTech's Nexus repo and our internal Artifactory. Over 45 improvements and bug fixes were included


Z2 Index

  • The Z2 index will now replace the ST Index for spatial-only features and queries. 
  • Features without a default date field will default to using the Z2 table instead of the Z3 table

Feature Sampling

  • Iterator to sample features on tservers

Kafka Data Store Tools

  • Command line tools for managing the kafka data store and registering types
  • Metadata for KDS types stored in zookeeper

Min-Max Sketches

  • GeoMesa stats framework now includes min-max sketches

HBase 1.1.5 Support

  • Upgraded HBase to support API version 1.1.5
  • Improved HBase documentation

Other Notable Changes

  • Kafka 0.9 - Support for kafka 0.9.x as a build profile. Version 0.8.x is still the default.
  • S3 ingest fixes
  • GML namespacing fixes


  • GeoMesa 1.2.2 supports upgrade in place from 1.1.0.rc.7 through 1.2.2 
  • Shutdown the geoserver and upgrade the distributed runtime in accumulo as well as the geomesa jars in the webserver