GeoMesa 1.3.2 Release Notes

GeoMesa 1.3.2 is the second bugfix release in the GeoMesa 1.3 line and includes over 180 fixes and improvements since the 1.3.1 release!

Key Features

  • HBase coprocessor improvements
    • Distributed processing for filter evaluation, transforms and aggregations
  • Lambda DataStore
    • A hybrid store using Kafka and Accumulo to enable high-frequency updates to existing features combined with long-term persistence
  • Spatio-temporal indexing and storage of data in S3, HDFS, NFS, Google Cloud Storage, or other distributed file systems
    • Store your data in space-time partitioned folder hierarchies in a distributed file system for cost-effective and efficient analytics
  • Parquet integration
    • GeoMesa 1.3.2 adds support for persisting data in the widely used Parquet data format
    • Provides efficient OLAP when used in conjunction with the Spark SQL query engine
  • Apache Arrow integration
    • GeoMesa can export and query data in the Apache Arrow data format - an in-memory column-oriented layout that supports efficient analytic access patterns

Improvements / bug fixes

  • Improvements to the converter/ETL library (JSON Path handling, etc)

  • Improvements to Kerberos support for Accumulo and HBase

  • Improvements to Spark and Spark SQL support

  • AgeOff Iterator

  • Enhancements to the StatsProcess

Community projects (

  1. GeoMesa-Tutorials (

    1. Tutorials for using GeoMesa with C*, Python, and the Lambda DS.

  2. GeoMesa-NiFi (

    1. Configuration options to permit use with Accumulo Kerberos clusters

    2. Improvements to Batch handling and converter ingest error handling

    3. Additional fixes around classpath handling and UI configuration.

  3. GeoMesa-GeoServer (

    1. Open-sourced project!

    2. Includes GeoServer output formats for GeoMesa Avro and Arrow file formats

    3. Includes jar to add Accumulo visibilities to the KafkaDataStore.

  4. GeoMesa-GeoDocker (

    1. Updated to GeoMesa 1.3.2

    2. Released new artifacts on (

    3. Documentation here: (

Versions & Compatibility

1.2 Maintenance Releases - GeoMesa will continue to cut releases on the 1.2.x line of GeoMesa targeted at bugfixes and stability improvements for existing Accumulo 1.6+ installations. Features may be backported from 1.3 to 1.2, but in general new functionality will be targeted to 1.3 in order to balance stability with innovation.

GeoMesa 1.3 Compatibility- The 1.3 line of GeoMesa will be a stable line of GeoMesa releases that is aimed at providing as much API compatibility as possible. Our goal is to provide minor version interoperability meaning that any 1.3.x client or server code can interoperate. This compatibility feature will not be available during the 1.3.0 milestone release phase.

GeoMesa 1.2 Compatibility- The 1.2 line of GeoMesa releases provides what we have termed data compatibility, meaning that data ingested with previous versions can still be used with new versions of the GeoMesa JARs. For example, data ingested with 1.2.0 can be read and written by 1.2.6. This compatibility requires that the GeoServer plugin, tools, and distributed runtime JARs all have to match in their minor version numbers.


  • GeoMesa 1.3.2 supports upgrade in place from previous versions.
  • Procedure:
    • Ensure that the GeoServer plugins, distributed runtime, and tools JARs are all of the same client version.
    • Shut down GeoServer.
    • Upgrade the distributed runtime in Accumulo as well as the Geomesa JARs in GeoServer.