GeoMesa Release Notes

GeoMesa includes 40 improvements and bug fixes

GeoMesa has been released with a few important hotfixes and is the recommended production version. These fixes include:

  • GEOMESA-1588 - Removing creation of unused/unclosed batch scanner
  • GEOMESA-1592 - Adding null byte markers back to geometry serialization
  • GEOMESA-1629 - Fixing deletion of z-index values from 1.2.5 and 1.2.6


New Features

  • GEOMESA-1478 - Support for serialization of geometries with more than two dimensions
  • GEOMESA-1401 - Individual indices can be upgraded in place without pausing ingest or query



  • GEOMESA-1468 - Passwords in geomesa-web stored as encrypted text


  • GeoMesa 1.2.7 supports upgrade in place from versions 1.1.0.rc.7 through 1.2.6
  • As with previous versions, all jars in the system must match...Ensure that the geoserver jar, distributed runtime, and tools are all the same client version (1.2.7)
  • Shutdown the geoserver and upgrade the distributed runtime in accumulo as well as the geomesa jars in the webserverFi